March 2005-March 2006.

Barcelonas city council and tourist office have put their money and time where their appetites are and decided to promote Catalan food stuffs, cooking and the local diet for a whole year starting from March 2005. Catalonian gastronomy has a rich variety of tastes and flavours whose influences go back Roman times. This enticing extravaganza of all that is edible takes in some 100 events and activities as broad as beans including trade fairs, culinary flavoured cinema and music festivals, cooking competitions, international workshops, fiestas, food tastings, restaurant guides, public food fairs, wine and Cava tasting, and an exhibition of literature on gastronomy to name just a few. Taking place all over the city including the many restaurants of Barcelona, the fish markets at the port, the beach and the citys many open markets, this yearlong festival of cooking, cinema, literature, musicals and much more are sure to offer a feast of fun for everyone who fancies a nibble.

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Address Turisme de Barcelona, Rambla de Catalunya, 123. Email: (

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Year of Food, Cuisine and Gastronomy 2005-2006

Turisme de Barcelona, Rambla de Catalunya, 123. Email: (