Workshops at Explora

23-24 Feb. On 23 Feb at 16.00 in the series Talking Books, the bookshop at Explora hosts a lecture on the book Click e Navighi con un Centauro a Bordo dell’Arte by Valeria Tarantino and Gabriella Brasioli, for children aged six and older. The comic centaur Chirone introduces children to art through the discovery of painting and sculpture. Young participants will be introduced to the famous Carnival of Harlequin by Joan Mirò, to stimulate their imagination and curiousity. The reading will be followed by a workshop, entitled Con gli Occhi e con le Mani.

On 24 Feb Explora organises organises a workshop, entitled Scienza nel Piatto, together with the Italian Association for the Research on Cancer (AIRC). It focuses on teaching children about healthy eating and the importance of physical activities at an early age. Dott. Giuliana Gargano, researcher for AIRC, uses games to teach children about the seasons and food.

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Address Explora. Via Flaminia 82-84, tel. 06 3613776.

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Workshops at Explora

Explora. Via Flaminia 82-84, tel. 06 3613776.