Visit to Villa dei Quintili

30 March. Associazione Mage organises a visit to the spectacular Villa dei Quintili on Via Appia Antica, located just beyond the boundaries of the ancient city.

Children aged six and older will take an unforgettable walk through this ancient Roman villa, which was built by the brothers Sextus Quintilius Maximus and Sextus Quintilius Condianus, who were consuls in 151 AD. The nucleus of the villa was constructed in the time of Hadrian and included large thermae, fed by their own aqueduct, and an unusual hippodrome, built in the 4th century, when the villa was confiscated by emperor Commodus, who fell in love with its exceptional beauty. Today this archeological site houses a museum, which displays marble friezes and sculptures that once adorned the villa. The nympheum, the hall of the tepidarium, and the baths may also be visited. A grand terrace overlooking the Via Appia Nuova, which dates back to 1784, faces the Castelli Romani hills. The tour lasts about 90 minutes.

Child € 10, Adult € 7. The ticket is valid for seven days for the sites of Terme di Caracalla, Villa dei Quintili and Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella.


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Address Booking required at or 06 68581545.

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Visit to Villa dei Quintili

Booking required at or 06 68581545.