"The ruins speak: light and sound at Villa Adriana" is the title of a special evening event that started at Villa Adriana at Tivoli on 27 July. There is a series of guided tours with sound and video, which illustrate the day-to-day life at the villa when it was at its height. The tour includes music, art, archaeological information and readings from "Memoirs of Hadrian" by Marguerite Yourcenar. The tour is every day until 30 July and then from Thursday to Sunday evenings until 29 August. The tours begin at 20.30, 20.45, 21.00 and 22.30. For information tel. 0639967900, www.pierreci.it.

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Address Villa Adriana, Tivoli
Website www.pierreci.it

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Villa Adriana by night.

Villa Adriana, Tivoli