15, 16 Dec 2006. In Set & Reset, Present Tense, Groove and Countermove, choreography by Trisha Brown. Set & Reset, which dates from 1983, offers many attractions: there is a fascinating set from American artist Robert Rauschenberg in which old black and white documentary film is projected onto a central cube and two supporting pyramids. The dancers appear under it in diaphanous costumes and even the set is see-through (the audience can see the dancers waiting in the wings). There is a fascinating score by American performance artist Laurie Anderson. The dancers move in both angular and flowing movements. This is abstract dance but, as with any dance involving men and women, there are always relationships between them.

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Address Teatro degli Arcimboldi, tel. 899500022.

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Trisha Brown Dance Company.

Teatro degli Arcimboldi, tel. 899500022.