17 Feb-12 March 2005. TransHallucinoGenic is an unusual exhibition that explores the main symptoms of bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive psychosis: indications, contraindications and pharmacokinetics. The contributors to the exhibition are all diagnosed bipolar disorder sufferers whose thirty works or so on display include texts, pictures, sculpture, painting, installations, videos and multimedia pieces. The organisers Coldcreation and the Associaci de Bipolars de Catalunya hope that by staging the exhibition they can help do away with misperceptions about the mentally ill and expose some of truths of an affliction like bipolar disorder. This is the first showing of the exhibition in Spain, which features works by internationally renowned and unknown artists alike. Their contributions openly reveal the hidden emotions behind their swinging emotions and states. Great care has been taken to highlight both a problem, societys perceptions of mental diseases, and to underline the creative talent that has often resulted from manic depressive psychosis in the past and the present.

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Address Arag 379, Barcelona 08013. Tel. +34-934579753. Email: info@coldcreation.com

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Arag 379, Barcelona 08013. Tel. +34-934579753. Email: info@coldcreation.com