Theatre for children


6-7 April

Fiabe Ritrovate for children aged four to eight, tells of two conceited and foolish multicoloured birds, which are sent by their king on a mission: to rediscover the fairy tales from the Umbria region. The birds’ king is in possession of all the Italian fairy tales, but not the ones from that region, which strangely does not seem to have invented any. 16.30.

12-14 April

Il Tenace Soldatino di Stagno for children aged four to eight, tells of two actors-directors, who are equipped with a camera and many toys, ready to tape a movie, but in the silence of an empty set an unwatched child gives life to objects and make toys dance, fight and talk. 12 April 20.30, 13, 14 April 16.30. 

20-21 April

Jack e il Fagiolo Magico (Jack and the Beanstalk), for children aged three to seven, tells of an absent-minded, sometimes cunning and at the same time foolish child, named Jack, who lives in a country house with his mother, has no father, and their only sustenance is the milk of a cow, named Bianchina, but one day the cow has to be sold. 16.30. Via G. Genocchi 15, tel. 065239405,


14 April

Biancaneve (Snow White), inspired by the famous Grimm Brother’s fairy tale, is reworked in a new and exhilarating version for children aged three and older. 16.00, 17.30. Via S. Giovanna Elisabetta 69, tel. 0696527967,


14 April

La Gabbianella e il Gatto is set in modern times in Hamburg, Germany. A sea gull called named Kengah is caught up in a petrol slick. After a great effort she manages to fly and lands on the balcony of a house where the big black cat called Zorba lives. About to die, Kengah entrusts her last egg to the amazed cat. 11.00. Via Sistina 109, tel. 064200711,


7, 14 April

This re-adaption of Cappuccetto Rosso (Little Red Riding Hood) offers children aged four to ten a mysterious journey through the dark woods, which symbolise every child’s road to independence, responsibility and wisdom. 16.00, 18.00.

21 April

WWF (World Word Fund) for children aged ten to 13. Some words risk becoming extinct or forgotten. The protagonists here are a group of brilliant volunteers, who try to re-insert these words in their natural habitat and common language. 17.00. Via Aurelio Saliceti 1/3, tel. 0658330817,


6-21 April

The legend of Romolo e Remo, a surreal and comic play about the foundation of Rome. A cast of puppets and actors, including Romulus and Remus and some of the seven Kings of Rome, tell the history of Rome through some of the most famous songs and verses by Roman poets.

25, 27, 28 April, 1 May

Raperonzolo (Rapunzel) is a live-music puppet show, inspired by the famous fairy tale. Eleonora is pregnant with her first baby, but she gets sick and can be only cured by eating the roots of a magic plant that grows in the garden of a witch, named Anguriaccia. In exchange, Anguriaccia abducts the newborn child, named Rapunzel, and locks her in a tower. Towards the end a new protagonist steps onto the scene to surprise spectators with an unexpected ending. Sat 16.30, Sun 11.30, 17.30. Villa Borghese. Viale dei Bambini, tel. 0669922117,