Theatre for children


9, 10, 16, 17 Feb.

This puppet and animation play, entitled Carnivaldraghi, tells the story of a professor who gives a lecture on the life and habits of his friends the dragons, but the lesson is interrupted by a colourful carnival party with masks, acrobats and jugglers. 16.30.

Via G. Genocchi 15, tel. 065139405,


9, 10 Feb.

Batman by Bob Kane is adapted and directed by Simone Fioravanti for children aged 4-10. This innovative version mixes original music, special effects and splendid costumes to bring this beloved superhero to life. Sat 16.00, Sun 11.00.

16, 17, 23, 24 Feb.

Magic in Cabaret for children aged 4-10 features the Mancini Magician, who is also a stand-up comedian. His hilarious sketches astonish and amuse a public of all ages. Sat 16.00, Sun 11.00.

2, 3 March.

The version of Pinocchio for children aged 4-10 is re-adapted and performed by the Brakdance Dhalsim group. This unforgettable fairytale still manages to thrill, entertain and touch the public. Sat 15.30, Sun 11.00.

Via dei Pallottini 10, Ostia Lido, tel. 0656324849,


10 Feb.

The Wizard of Oz made famous by the film of the same name is about Dorothy who is transported into a bizarre world of extravagant characters when her house in Kansas is destroyed by a hurricane. The people in her new fantasy world carry deep messages and meanings. 11.00.

Via Sistina 109, tel. 064200711,


10 Feb.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza for a young audience. The production is freely inspired by Cervantes’ novel. 10.30.

Via Crema 8, tel. 0670305976,


12 Feb.

The famous tale of Mary Poppins is adapted and directed by Luca Pizzurro for children up to 12 years old. The story of this magical nanny is told by actors and dancers who surprise the young public. 10.00, 17.00. Via Bari 18, tel. 0644239286,


16, 17, 23, 24 Feb.

The ancient fairytale of the Three Little Pigs is performed by Sabrina Ceccobelli and Franco Laotan for children aged 3-8. 15.45.

Via N. Zabaglia 42, tel. 065741622,


3 March.

The Snow Queen, insired by the Dutch novel by H.C. Andersen, for children aged 6-10, tells the story of two children Gerda and Kay, bound by a deep friendship. One day a splinter from an enchanted mirror pierces Kay’s eye. From that moment the world looses its beauty and the games with Gerda turn into puerile and meaningless past times.

16.00, 18.00. Via Aurelio Saliceti 1/3, tel. 0658330817,

Gabrielle Bolzoni

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