The Secrets of the Etruscans

27 Jan. The Association Roma e Lazio per Te organises a series of guided tours through Rome, especially for children aged four and older and their families. This visit explores the secrets of the Etruscans at the Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia. It will focus on the life of this ancient population, its origins and the reasons why it disappeared. Thanks to Vincenzo Lemmo, a professional archaeologist, and the collection of one of the world’s foremost museums of Etruscan art, children can admire the famous Sarcophagus of the Spouses, Apollo of Veio, the magnificent jewels of the Castellani collection, the relief of The Seven Against Thebe and the gold plate from the sanctuary of Pyrgi.

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15.30. Guided tour: €8 for kids, €2 for adults. Entrance ticket: kids for free, €8 for adults.

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Address Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9, tel. 3383435907.

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The Secrets of the Etruscans

Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9, tel. 3383435907.

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