3-15 May 2005

The Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, in its second year, is a platform for highlighting the major role gay men have played in both contemporary and past theatre. It introduces up and coming young talent and also stages productions of works by great gay artists of the past from Ireland and overseas. There are also exhibitions about important gay writers, performers and directors from the past who were persecuted because of their sexuality. The Festival has a broad programme that includes works by gay writers, works with a gay theme, or works with performances or other artistic contributions by gay men. The organisers welcome anyone who interested in attending and celebrating "the immense contribution of gay men to theatre in all its forms".

Seven Dublin city centre venues are involved: The Project Arts Centre, Andrews Lane Theatre, The Focus Theatre, The Teachers Club, The Cobalt Caf, Temple Bar Music Centre and the Centre Stage Caf. Tickets cost from _11 to _15.50, _90 for season tickets.

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Address Ticket Bureau, 33 Eden Quay, Dublin 1. Tel. +353-18721122 (www.centralticketbureau.com) Tel. +353-861620503

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The Second International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Ticket Bureau, 33 Eden Quay, Dublin 1. Tel. +353-18721122 (www.centralticketbureau.com) Tel. +353-861620503