16 Nov-13 Feb 2005. This exhibition presents the historic reality of an industrial venture led collectively by the strong personalities of the Wendel family, both men and women, by their directors and associates, by their employees and workers. This family adventure is closely related to the tormented history of Lorraine, France and Germany and the awakening of social consciousness that prompted the companies to services for workers like insurance in case of accidents or death, schools, hospitals, cities, and churches. With paintings, sculptures, objects, models, drawings, and early photographs the exhibition attempts to depict the industrialisation of Lorraine from all sides. This is the latest in a series of exhibitions devoted to great architectural, industrialist and artistic dynasties of the past.

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Address Musee Orsay.

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The De Wendel Company: Three Centuries of Industry in Lorraine (1704-2004)

Musee Orsay.