8 Mar-17 April 2005.

Prepare yourself for a ride to Brazil, Hungary, Portugal and Taiwan with stopovers in China, Nigeria and Peru during this 9th edition of the Paris Festival de l'imaginaire. The festival aims to stir its visitors to discover other countries and cultures through the types of performances and celebrations that take place in these often little understood or known lands. The show also provides an excellent learning aid highlighting the cultural exchange which results and the new understanding brought to people throughout the world. The exhibition id a journey through music, dance, song and theatre with meetings, films and debating opportunities throughout the month-long programme.

Maison des Cultures du Monde, 101 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.

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Address The closest metro station is Rennes. Tel. +33-145447230.
Website www.mcm.asso.fr

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The 9th Festival de l'imaginaire

The closest metro station is Rennes. Tel. +33-145447230.