Teatro India in Rome

9-14 Feb. Teatro India stages a production of the Henrik Ibsen classic A Doll's House which examines the relationship between men and women, power, possession, eroticism and money. Adapted by Emanuela Giordano, the play stars Mascia Musy as Nora Helmer and Stefano Santospago as her husband Torvald. Ibsen's tale aroused great controversy when it was first staged in 1879 in Copenhagen as the play ends with Nora leaving her husband and children because she wants to discover herself. In 2006 UNESCO awarded it with the title of the world’s most performed play.

A Doll's House
A Doll's House

13-28 Feb. Written by Nanni Balestrini and directed by Fabrizio Parenti, the drama I Furiosi follows Italy's hardcore ultra football fans who move in an all-male world characterised by violence, nihilism and lost youth.

17-28 Feb. Luigi Pirandello's last play I Giganti della Montagna is complex and not performed very often, partly because it was incomplete at the time of his death in Rome in 1936. The dreamlike story is centred around the Villa di Scalogna in which a group of outcasts, led by a magician, welcome a group of seven actors, led by a countess. During their meeting, the boundaries between reality and dreams come tumbling down, along with the boundaries between characters and actors. Directed by Roberto Latini.

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