Teatro India

19 Oct-3 Nov. Teatro India continues its new season with Il Grande Male (19-21 Oct) a show dedicated to the centenary of the Armenian genocide, written and directed by Sargis Galstyan. Set in Berlin in 1921, the story follows the trial of Armenian student Soghomon Tehlirian who is charged with killing Talaat Pasha, one of the organisers of the genocide who fled to Germany in 1919, under a false name, to escape the death penalty for "crimes against humanity" committed against the Armenian population living in the Ottoman empire.

On 23-24 Oct the Lithuanian national drama theatre presents Dreamspell, with supertitles in Italian, about a poet who finds himself in a mysterious dream with a single task: to open the door behind which may lie the enigma of the world.

Sono Pasolini (27 Oct-1 Nov) is the premiere of a Teatro di Roma production by songwriter Giovanna Marini, dedicated to the Italian film director, poet and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini on the 40th anniversary of his tragic death. Pasolini's world and legacy are explored through music and song, bringing to life the still relevant themes of his verses, from disaffected youth and faraway dreams to ideals and true love.

As part of this year's Romaeuropa festival, Irish dancer Aoife McAtamney presents the Italian premiere of her first solo Softer Swells (3 Nov). All plays in Italian.

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