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Rome's Comedy Club

Now it its fourth season, Rome's Comedy Club has announced the following dates for its ever-popular monthly shows at the Grotta Pinta Lounge near Campo de' Fiori: 26 October, 30 November, 7 December, 25 January, 22 February, 22 March, 26 April and 31 May.

Rome's only comedy show in English was founded in 2008 by Marsha De Salvatore and Stephanie Tyrrell who met each other while acting at the English Theatre of Rome. The club started out in a little room at the Abbey Theatre pub on Via del Governo Vecchio and after a year moved to a bigger venue due to its expanding audience. Tyrell has since departed the Eternal City, and now the club is run by De Salvatore, who is from Ohio with Calabrian roots, and has lived in the Italian capital since 2000. 

In addition to organising the shows, De Salvatore is joined on stage by regulars such as Michael Monkhouse, Virginia Apicelli, Kissy Dugan and Ryan Costello. De Salvatore told Wanted in Rome that the club keeps space for any new performers keen to give comedy a go. "Rome's Comedy Club has branched out to not only the expat community but to the local Italians as well" – she said – "three years ago we began featuring Roman comics who also performed in English, such as Francesco De Carlo and Edoardo Ferrari." 

The Grotta Pinta shows at 20.00 cost €5, but for €10 a drink and aperitivo buffet is included, while a €15 ticket includes two drinks and aperitivo buffet. In the meantime, on Monday 15 October from 21.00-22.30, Scholars Lounge on Via del Plebiscito is hosting an open mike night for some of the club's comedians.

To get an idea of what to expect check out the video " false;" href="">Sh*t ex-pats say in Rome" but be warned that it contains language that some people may find offensive.

For more information see the club's website

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Address Grotta Pinta Lounge, Via di Grotta Pinta 12.
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Rome's Comedy Club

Grotta Pinta Lounge, Via di Grotta Pinta 12.

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