Rome Pillow Fight

19 April. The tenth edition of the annual International Pillow Fight Day in Rome takes place in front of the S. Maria in Trastevere church on Sunday 19 April, between 17.45 and 19.00.

Each year the so-called “Fluffy Apocalypse” attracts an increasing amount of pillow warriors, many dressed in pyjamas and slippers, who line up face-to-face before launching into battle as the bells strike 18.00.

People are asked to arrive with their feather-filled pillows hidden in bags which will be used to clean up the square after the fight, and organisers say there are two rules:

1: You do not talk about the ROMAN PILLOW FIGHT!

2: You DO NOT talk…

The flash mob-style event was launched in 2006 and is scheduled each April in cities from New York to London to Sydney.

For more details see the Roman Pillow Fight Facebook page.