29 Oct 2004-27 Feb 2005. The Rodin and the Sculpture Revolution exhibition traces the artistic development of Auguste Rodin, The exhibition looks at his early career as an ornamental mason and follows his progress as he lays the basis of modern sculpture combining both realism and classicism.

The exhibition assembles an impressive collection of Rodins sculptures which are complemented by a selection of sculptures by his contemporaries, the aim of which is to see how this revolutionary group influenced 20th century art. More than 30 museums along with both public and private collections have contributed more than 105 works for the occasion.

The exhibition is divided into five sections: Introduction: Difficult beginnings; The first commissions: The Gates of Hell; In the studio: assistants and carvers; Public monuments; and Our master, Rodin. The other artists who are on show are: Casanovas, Julio Gonzlez, Chillida, Picasso, Gargallo, Josep Clar, Mateo Inurria and Daniel Gonzlez.

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Address CaixaForum, Barcelona.

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Rodin and the Sculpture Revolution .

CaixaForum, Barcelona.