2-17 April 2005. Conducted by Ottavio Dantone, directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi.

Handels Rinaldo goes on stage at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan (2 April-17 April). Pier Luigi Pizzi conceived the production 20 years ago for the theatre in Reggio Emilia. The characters wear huge silk cloaks and stand on pedestals, on boats and on papier-mach horses that move in a set that changes constantly. The conductor, Ottavio Dantone, is a specialist of 18th-century music. The singers are of the belcanto style: Sonia Prina, Daniela Barcelona, Darina Takova, Roberta Invernizzi, Annick Massis, Marco Vinco and Mirko Guadagnini. However the opening night may be cancelled, as it was for Dama di picche, or even all of the performances, as was the case with Sancta Susanna and Il dissoluto assolto. Tension between Riccardo Muti (musical director), Carlo Fontana (ex- superintendent) and Mauro Mieli (new superintendent) has involved the unions, the orchestra and the artists. So audiences are missing out and the theatre is paying the cost, both culturally and economically. Paolo Di Nicola

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Address Teatro alla Scala, tel. 0288791.

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Rinaldo by Hndel.

Teatro alla Scala, tel. 0288791.