9-12 Dec 2004. The RESFEST Digital Film Festival is in its eighth year and is the largest festival of its kind. The festival promotes short films, music videos, motion design, live music and also invites guest speakers to speak on pertinent subjects. The festival is a moveable feast which takes place in 33 cities and 13 countries, from Osaka to Glasgow, Istanbul and Zurich.

The 2004 event includes some works sponsored by major commercial brands. In 2003 and 2004, companies offered filmmakers and designers the opportunity to create work that would take a purely commercial offering and transform it into a work of art.

The Barcelona leg of the RESFEST festival takes place at the Mercat de les Flors. There will be digital shorts (1-12 minutes), "Longform" (12-30 minutes) and feature-length films. There will also be a retrospective of the work of Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) and a programme of works by the acclaimed UK animation collective, Shynola.

Past works at the festival have included Doug Pray's Scratch, music videos from Gorillaz, Orbital and Fatboy Slim.

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Address Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.
Website www.resfest.com

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RESFEST Digital Film Festival.

Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.