Die Groe Stille Il Grande Silenzio (Ge). Dir. Philip Grning.

Documentary about life at Grande Chartreuse, chief monastery of Frances reclusive Carthusian order.

8 Below 8 Amici Da Salvare (US). Dir. Frank Marshall. Starring Paul Walker and Bruce Greenwood. An Antarctic guide tries to rescue his pack of sled dogs, abandoned during extreme weather in a scientific expedition.

16 Blocks Solo 2 Ore (US). Dir. Richard Donner, starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def. Action thriller about an aging police officer escorting a key witness to court.

Basic Instinct 2 (US). Dir. Michael Caton-Jones, starring Sharon Stone and David Morrissey. The homicidal writer moves to London and attempts to seduce her psychiatrist after being accused yet again of murder.

Factotum (US/No/Ge). Dir. Bent Hamer, starring Matt Dillon and Lili Taylor. Adaptation of the Charles Bukowski novel of the same name about a womanising, alcoholic, gambling failed writer.

Failure To Launch A Casa Con I Suoi (US). Dir. Tom Dey, starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. A 30-something man needs a push to finally leave the family home in this romantic comedy.

Fuoco Su Di Me (It). Dir. Lamberto Lambertini, starring Omar Sharif and Massimiliano Varrese. Tale of a young man who returns to his home town of Naples in 1815 under the reign of Gioacchino Murati to recover from a war wound received in France.

Lemming Due Volte Lei (Fr). Dir. Dominik Moll, starring Laurent Lucas and Charlotte Gainsbourg. A young engineers wife becomes possessed by the soul of his bosss recently deceased spouse.

Roll Bounce (US). Dir. Malcolm D. Lee, starring Bow Wow and Chi McBride. Coming-of-age comedy about roller-skating teenagers set in the 1970s.

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