Volver (Sp). Dir. Pedro Almodvar, starring Penelope Cruz and Carmen Maura. The ghost of a woman comes back to help her troubled daughters one abandoned by her husband and the other a single mother.

The Da Vinci Code Il Codice Da Vinci (US). Dir. Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. Long-awaited dramatisation (already boycotted by the Vatican) of Dan Browns best seller about code-breaking and secretive religious sects.

Aquamarine (US). Dir. Elizabeth Allen, starring Emma Roberts and Joanna Levesque. Two girls try to persuade a lovelorn mermaid to return to the sea.

Occupation: Dreamland Viaggio Organizzato in Iraq (US). Dir. Ian Olds and Garrett Scott. Documentary about the life of American troops stationed in Fallujah.

Onde (It). Dir. Francesco Fei, starring Ignazio Oliva and Filippo Timi. Love story about a blind musician and an air hostess with a facial deformity set in Genova.

Rois et Reine I Re e La Regina (Fr). Dir. Arnaud Desplechin, starring Emmanuelle Devos and Catherine Deneuve. Comedy drama tracing the lives of two ex-lovers, one a musician held against his will in a psychiatric ward, the other a single mother who has to look after her terminally ill father.

4-4-2 Il Gioco Pi Bello (It). Dir. Roan Johnson, Michele Carrillo, Claudio Capellini and Francesco Lagi, starring Valerio Mastandrea and Francesca Inaudi. Four young directors make their debut in this series of shorts along the theme of football in Italy.

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