LIsola del Cinema. 23 June-19 Sept. The programme includes various thematic cycles and the Rome Jewish Film Festival. Isola Tiberina, Rome. Tel. 0658333113, 0636004119,

Cineporto. 8 July-31 Aug. Food and clothes stalls, photo exhibitions and live music are all all part of the event that has a large arena with seating for 2000 plus a small cineclub area for video projections and avant-garde cinema. Viale Antonino di S. Giuliano, tel. 063211511,

Notti di Cinema a Piazza Vittorio. 27 June-1 Sept. The gardens at the centre of the recently rennovated square are the venue for two dolby digital maxi-screens which offer selections from international film festivals as well as a programme of box office hits. Piazza Vittorio, tel. 064451208,

Cinemunix. 16 June-3 Sept. A programme of recent box office hits. Parco degli Acquedotti, Giardino delle Farfalle, tel. 3351616849.

Cinema al Belvedere. 25 June-24 July. The programme includes a tribute to Fritz Lang and a section dedicated to thrillers. A talk show introduces film projections, and there is also a section dedicated to books. Belvedere Antonio Cederna, tel. 3298479282.

Arena di Garbatella. 16 June-3 Sept. Recent Italian and European film productions. Largo Giovannipoli, tel. 3335385622.

Sapienza Cinema. 21 June-3 Sept. The arena, with seating for 800 people, is in the heart of the University Campus. Citt Universitaria, Piazzale Aldo Moro, tel. 3335808734.

Arena Monteverde. 24 June-3 Sept. Liceo Morgagni, tel. 3335385622.

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Open air cinema.

Various locations around Rome.