Not only the Jewish wife

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A theatrical production of a text by Bertolt Brect adapted for Forum theater will be presenting at social center sparatco (21:00) - Near metro Numdito Quadraro (A)

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"Was I for Communists? No, I'm thoroughly bourgeois, a housewife with servants and so forth, and now suddenly only blondes can do this sort of thing. I've often thought lately how you said years ago: "There are more valuable people and less valuable people. The more valuable people get insulin then they have sugar in the blood, the less valuable don't." I agreed with you. Well, now they've made new categories of this sort, and I belong to the less valuable. It serves me right." - The Jewish Wife by Bertolt Brecht

The Jewish wife gives a brilliant look at the way in which the politics of hate seeps into the everyday lives of ordinary people. Judith was a beloved wife, a friend, a bridge player and housewife, but now she is only Jewish; The power of the play lies in its metaphoric realism and its suggestion that such scenes are being enacted all over 1930s Germany. But these scenes are not only of the domain of Nazi Germany similar scenes are enacted and echoed across the globe and the decades from 1970's Latin America to 2000s Middle East and 2010s Europe.

Brecht's play is exploding with questions about the culture of silence and the reservation of the middle class when confronted with injustice, many times turning a blind eye. It is only when injustice turns on the middle class that they are willing to see it, but by then it is usually too late and the culture of silence is so internalized that it is hard to mount a clear and concrete resistance.

Not only the Jewish wife is multidisciplinary production and a unique artistic endeavor to pose Brecht's questions to audiences in Rome, Italy and around the world. These production would include site specific elements that immerse the audience in the plays atmosphere, Video-Art projections that both attract and distance the audience (Verfremdungseffekt), Dance-Theater pieces that inspire and evoke the imagination and a Forum theater element in the spirit of Augusto Boal in order to inspire a deep and meaningful aesthetic dialogue with audiences and bring the theatrical reflection and emotional charge into real life actions and social motion.

The Production's director- facilitator is Uri Noy Meir, a Theater director and facilitator with German-Jewish ancestry born in Israel and nowadays living and working in Rome. Uri is a member of Combatants for Peace, a movement started jointly by Palestinians and Israelis who have taken an active part in the cycle of violence and decided to put down their guns and to fight for peace. He is also an associate Artist with ImaginAction network of artists for social and individual transformation through the arts. In Not only the Jewish wife Uri is interested to create an aesthetic link between Bertolt Brecht and Augusto Boal and Between Germany's 1930s, Israel/Palestine's 2000s and Italy's and Europe's 2010s.

The leading actress Silvia Giammarioli is highly trained in Stanislavski Method, Meyerhold's bio-mechanics and Dance and has a specific passion to Brecht's play The Jewish Wife.

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Not only the Jewish wife

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