31 Dec. Berlins Brandenburg Gate is as fine and symbolic a setting as any for New Year celebrations (Silvester in German) and traditional draws hundreds of thousands from across Germany and around the world. Once marking the physical and symbolic division between East and West, the gate (Brandenburger Tor) has been a focal point for New Year celebrations since German unification in the early 1990s. The authorities put on a show for the masses. On the stroke of midnight there is a spectacular organised firework display and an orgy of champagne-popping and fire-working throwing. When the official entertainment dries up many of the revellers head off to the citys late night bars and clubs to continue the celebrations.

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Address Brandenburg Gate. Tel. +49-3024603330 for more information.

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New Years at the Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate. Tel. +49-3024603330 for more information.