Nature in the Appia Antica

Things To Do in Rome with Kids:

This regional park organises a programme of guided tours and events especially for children aged five to 12 and their families, which take place in Valle della Caffarella.

11 May. La via Latina raccontata ai bambini: a treasure hunt between the arches and canals of the seven acqueducts along the ancient Via Latina. 15.30. Infopoint Via Lemonia, intersection via Appio Claudio.

Impariamo a riconoscere gli insetti: a walk to observe insects and other small inhabitants of this valley. 16.00. Infopoint Largo Tacchi Venturi.

18 May. Fabbricare la carta: this workshop focuses on the various phases of preparation of paper as well as on recycling. 16.00. Infopoint Largo Tacchi Venturi.

25 May. Lo stagno e i suoi abitanti: a walk through the park in search of its ponds, its environment and small inhabitants. 16.00. Infopoint Largo Tacchi Venturi.

1 June. I segreti delle lucciole is a night walk through Valle della Caffarella to discover fireflies and their secrets. 20.30. Infopoint Largo Tacchi Venturi.

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