Mission Possible: Will bioeconomy save the World?

The Children’s Museum hosts this interactive exhibition, entitled Mission Possible, promoted by the European Commission, which focuses on bioeconomy, its future challenges and implications. Other topics in this exhibition are overfishing and the socio-environmental consequences of our daily nutrition and waste, which can become a resource. Can bioeconomy save the world from an unstoppable growth of its population, from the overexploitation of its resources, an increasing environmental pressure and a climate change? Researchers and experts from European museums and science centres give their answers on this vast and complex topic. This exhibition reflects on the use of organic and biological resources, sustainable production in agriculture, human and animal supplies, the production of sustainable energy and chemical products. There are various workshops for families, dedicated to agriculture and fishing, nutrition and well being, biotechnologies life sciences. After its first stop in Rome, this exhibition will travel on a European tour. Explora. Via Flaminia 82, tel. 063613776, www.bioprom-net.eu.

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