Marcello Gallian (1902-1968)

Entitled La deformazione della realtà, this exhibition is dedicated to the Italian writer, playwright, poet and painter Marcello Gallian. It comprises some 70 paintings, never exhibited before, along with selected documentation such as letters and photographs from the Gallian archive, conserved at the Università di Pavia in northern Italy. A non-conformist figure, Gallian came to prominence in Rome's avant-garde circles, first a painter in the 1920s, and later as a writer. The exhibition is divided into five categories reflecting the central themes of Gallian's work: painterly impressions, the women of Gallian, attempts at the crucifixion, at the circus with Gallian, and domestic trends. Complesso dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Via Piacenza 1, tel. 0647826087.