Luca Grimaldi: Qualcosa del Genere

18 May-8 June. The Ex Dogana in S. Lorenzo launches its new contemporary art gallery with Qualcosa del Genere, a solo exhibition by young painter Luca Grimaldi whose work features people and every-day objects depicted in a fragmented, almost abstract fashion.

Items from supermarket shelves and shop windows become almost unrecognisable in the paintings of Grimaldi who breaks his composition down into simple form and colour, presenting the viewer with images that are at once familiar and foreign.
Part of the Quadri di riviste series(detail) by Luca Grimaldi

The new gallery space is designed as a bridge between the public and the factory Studio Volante, which has been connected to the Ex Dogana for the last two years, offering studio artists the chance to present solo, collective and site-specific projects.

Grimaldi is the first artist in residence, invited by curators Giulia Lotti and Chiara Pietropaoli, to work on his first Italian solo show. 

The exhibition opens at 19.00 on Friday 18 May.

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Address Viale dello Scalo San Lorenzo, 10, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

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Luca Grimaldi: Qualcosa del Genere

Viale dello Scalo San Lorenzo, 10, 00185 Roma RM, Italy