Jonathan Grego. Tagliato per la Pittura

3-30 June.

Jonathan Grego's work at the church of St Paul Within the Walls manages to be both serious and fun at the same time. Dada, Surrealist and Pop are obvious influences on this Rome-grown painter who now lives in France. But he also manages to get just the right title for each work. Take Fiori Evasi, or the three versions of Tagliato per la Pittura and it is obvious that Grego has as much a gift for words as he does for painting, not to mention an acute sense of humour. Even his own self portrait hung high on one of the boards isn't just Self Portrait but has the title La vita è tutto per me.

Grego, who has single mindedly followed his painting career since school, almost always adds a three dimensional touch to his works – jigsaw puzzle pieces are his favourite right now – to give them, well, an extra dimension, to make them additionally thought-provoking, sometimes downright disturbing. Grego is indeed Tagliato per la Pittura. St Paul's Within the Walls, Via Nazionale 16. You will find more of Grego works – he is also a graphic designer and has done several covers for Wanted in Rome over the years – on his website.