Italy in Therapy

The Sala Umberto presents Italy in Therapy, a theatrical festival that runs until 2014 and is dedicated to Italy's burning issues. The programme continues on 25 Nov with Deep South which looks at the history of the Mezzogiorno at the time of Italian unification and stars Pino Aprile and Eugenio Bennato; Warehouse 18 tackles the mass exodus of Italians after Tito's Yugoslavia annexed former northern Italian territory in 1947; In Who's Name? Inside the walls of the Vatican explores the work of the Holy See's governing bodies in recent decades; and the festival ends with Teaching Freedom in which the unlikely duo of ex-Mani Pulite magistrate Gherardo Colombo and rapper Frankie-Hi-Nrg discuss freedom and education. All plays in Italian. Teatro Sala Umberto, Via della Mercede 50, tel. 066794753,