The installation Intersections is the result of a 15-year "conversation" between contemporary Finnish artists Claudia Peill and Kaisu Koivisto who engage with the work of the late Norwegian artist Hendrik Christian Andersen. The collaboration between Peill and Koivisto is based on the house in which Andersen created his work, which is now a museum dedicated to the artist in the Flaminio district, and his grandiose World City plans. Interacting with Andersen's sculptures, Peill works in a mixture of photography and painting, while Koivisto uses recycled waste materials, with both artists questioning the value and significance of Andersen's utopian vision. The exhibition is supported by the Finnish embassy, the Istitutum Romanum Finlandiae and the Associazione Culturale Anna Mara Contemporanea. Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen, Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini 20, tel. 063219089,