3-26 Nov 2006. By and with Marc Hollogne and with Angela Delfini, Francesca Faiella, Fedele Papalia, Nicolas Goret. The Belgian-born Hollogne has been on the scene for 25 years offering what he calls a very original and personal version of cinema-theatre in which he pops in and out of the action projected on a cinema screen. His last show, Marciel Hallucine toured France, the United States and Asia meeting with unanimous reviews for its ingenuity and originality. He reportedly told the press that when he was young, he liked to divide the pages of his diary into three columns: cinema, theatre and songs, to jot down his impressions and ideas each day, and more or less, this is what he continues to do.

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Address Teatro Vascello, Via G. Carini 78, tel. 065881021.

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I colori della vita. Marciel in Italia.

Teatro Vascello, Via G. Carini 78, tel. 065881021.