Green Walls at Technotown

25 Nov

Technotown organizes a botanical and sustainability workshop, entitled Green Walls held by Sonia Santella, for young and older participants.

The workshop introduces children to the language of plants. Among the fascinating topics are vertical gardens, aquatic plants and the use of grasses in the creation of sustainable gardens.

The workshop is based on a practical approach to stimulate creativity and understanding of the topics. Kids will create plant compositions and green walls by filling up cardboard panels with earth and plants.

Adults will be provided with various useful ideas to improve the structure of their garden and create a small and original green wall at home or at the office.

8 € per adult, 4 € per child. 16.00.

Gabrielle Bolzoni

General Info

Address Villa Torlonia, Via Spallanzani 1 A, tel. 060608,

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Green Walls at Technotown

Villa Torlonia, Via Spallanzani 1 A, tel. 060608,