First Rome Celtic Harp Festival

The First Rome Celtic Harp Festival takes place on Monday 2 June at the Abbey Theatre near Piazza Navona.

The event is a gathering for harp enthusiasts of every level, and is designed as a homage to the historic Belfast Harp Festival which took place in 1792.

The festival features Adriano Sangineto, considered Italy's greatest Celtic harpist, who will coordinate a musical workshop between the participating harpists, open to the public, from 18.00.

This is followed by a music "session" dedicated to the harp, from 21.30, with the occasional inclusion of musicians playing flute, violin or bagpipes.

However it is the harp that takes centre stage throughout and, along with Sangineto, the event features celebrated harpists such as Aurora Barbatelli (founding member of Italy's first Irish music band Roisin Dubh in the 1970s); Nicole Marinucci, Beatrice De Simone, Valeria Carissimi, Simona Carucci, Giovanna Ofelia Berardinelli, and many others.

Festival organiser and traditional Irish musician Marzio Venuti Mazzi told Wanted in Rome "Here the word "festival" is not intended as a big event full of lights, electricity and giant screens, but rather as a gathering of people with an interest to celebrate a particular cultural aspect."

The event is supported by the embassy of Ireland to Italy and the City of Rome Pipe Band.

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Address Via del Governo Vecchio 51 (near Piazza Navona)

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First Rome Celtic Harp Festival

Via del Governo Vecchio 51 (near Piazza Navona)

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