21 July-11 Aug 2005. Founded in 1975, this world-class music festival has always aimed to produce forgotten titles and the festival boasts the discovery of many Italian and European opera scores. It has also provided a launch pad for emerging musicians and singers. An integral part of its activity is the professional formation of young singers, and the foundation sponsors a music academy in collaboration with the Piccolo Teatro of Milan and other conservatories. The programme this year presents the first representation in modern times of Filippo Marchettis Romeo and Juliet, of Luigi Cherubinis Lo sposo di tre e marito di nessuna, of Bellinis I Capuleti e i Montecchi. It also includes concerts and recitals and an evening dedicated to Farinelli on the third centenary of his birth.

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Festival della Valle dItria.

For information tel. 0804805100.