27-28 Oct 2006. In The Mysteries of Love, choreography by Erna Omarsdottir. The Mysteries of Love, named after the theme song of the film Blue Velvet by David Lynch, is the second collaboration between Erna Omarsdottir and composer Johann Johannsson, after the successful duet IBM 1401, a users manual. The main idea is to create a suite of ten songs, which follow a similar structure, i.e. ten small works that merge music, movements, song, words and performance in a new and provocative way. According to the two artists, the voice and the vocal performance are intertwined and inseparable from each other, the voice being an extension of the body, fusing the movements and the music together.The Belgian dancer and choreographer, Omarsdottir, is one of the most exciting artists on the dance scene today. She was proclaimed best young dancer by Ballet International in 2002 and in 2003 the best dancer and a young choreographer to watch.

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Erna Omarsdottir.

For information tel. 059305738.