English Theatre of Rome

A Broad Abroad (Again*)

8 May. The inimitable Gaby Ford leads you on a wild and wacky adventure across four continents (*and a bit more). Written and performed by Gaby Ford, directed by Dyanne White, the production is not suitable for children. 20.00.

...And Then I Changed My Mind

24-26 May. The English Theatre of Rome presents its annual monologue show, introducing new artists and writers. The monologues are always original and diverse, and this year they are co-directed by Jane O’Farrell and Molly Zimmelman – with a little help from the audience. 24 May 20.00; 25 May 17.00, 20.00; 26 May 17.00, 20.00.

For tickets for both shows email rometheatre@yahoo.com, tel. 348/9355626 or (after 16.00) 066879419. Teatro L'Arciliuto, Piazza Montevecchio 5 (Piazza Navona), www.rometheatre.com.

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