Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
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Da Roma nord al Polo Sud: The archive of Erich B. Kusch

14 Jan-16 Feb. 

Born in Trieste in 1930, the journalist Erich B. Kusch was a parliamentary correspondent in the press office of Dieter von Konig in Bonn, and later in Rome for a number of German publications.

In 1956 he was a war correspondent in Egypt during the Suez Crisis and in 1961 he became the first German to reach the South Pole.

In the course of his journalistic career he wrote pieces from all over the world and was special correspondent during many of the Pope's travels.

He served as president of the foreign press in Italy, and received wide recognition for his work as a journalist and for his dedication towards Italo-German relations and to promoting initiatives for peace and European unification.

In 1991 Kusch received the order of merit of the Italian Republic. He died in 2010. This exhibition is part of the gallery’s ongoing project to recuperate historic images and documents.


s.t. foto libreria galleria, Via degli Ombrellari 25, tel. 0664760105.

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