1 June-31 August 2005.

Believe or not but the streets of Barcelona will be packed with grazing cows for the 2-month Cow Parade. Alongside cities including New York, Chicago, Sydney, Houston and Zurich, bovine-inspired works of art created by artists, unknown and internationally renowned, the Catalan capital is hosting art of the cow-y kind during this summer. First dreamt up by Walter and Pascal Knapp, a father and son duo from cow-loving Switzerland, in 1996, since then cow art has become a worldwide summer fad and annual international public art event. Some 150 life-size, fibreglass unique cows are dotted around Barcelona in parks, gardens and along shopping streets for the enjoyment of locals and visitors from around the world. Some of the most bullish bovine creations will be auctioned off for charity in September with the profits going to the Casal dInfants del Raval childrens home. And when does it finish? When the comes come home, of course

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Address http://barcelona.cowparade.com/

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Cow Parade