25, 26 Nov 2006. In Basso Ostinato, choreography by Caterina Sagna. The young and increasingly successful Italian choreographer reportedly thrives on seeing into the souls of her dancers and exploring the intimacies of life, so she says her work is all about drawing on her performers backgrounds and ideas. Among her points of reference is the mother of German dance theatre, Pina Bausch. Bauschs work is remarkable in both the space and detail of her theatricality. Her dance-theatre emphasises how people behave, presenting them in real time, as real people. Presenting real people and real emotions is exactly what Sagna is doing. If its not linked to life, it doesnt work, she says. Sagna isnt brutal like Bausch, and says she would never want to overstep a boundary and replicate Bauschs staging.

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Address Cango Cantieri Goldanetta, tel. 0552280525.

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Compagnia Caterina Sagna.

Cango Cantieri Goldanetta, tel. 0552280525.