Cloture De L'Amour

By Pascal Rambert, with Anna Della Rosa and Luca Lazzareschi. Rambert, director of the Théatre de Gennevilliers, has directed the play, originally presented last July at the Festival d’Avignon, in its Italian translation after performances in various languages across the globe. In a series of monologues delivered by the two protagonists who are talking about their separation the question is: “Who do we love when we love?” Rambert does not provide the answer. He ruminates on a series of possibilities, not even rejecting the usual clichés. A ruthless battle unfolds thanks to the brutality of Rambert’s words and the rigour of his writing. On one side the masculine, on the other the feminine: two viewpoints, two silences, two discourses to describe the violence of a dying love. Teatro Vascello, Via Giacinto Carini 72, tel. 065898031,

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