Cioccolentino chocolate festival in Terni

10-14 Feb. The 14th edition of the Cioccolentino festival takes place in the Umbrian city of Terni, in honour of St Valentine’s Day, from 10-14 February.

The event is designed to unite chocolate with eternal love, and there is nothing casual about the choice of location: a third-century bishop from Terni was none other than St Valentine himself.

Under the heading Amore in corso, the five-day festival’s programme of events include lessons in handmade chocolate and tastings as well as a series of demonstrations and workshops by some of the region’s most skilled pastry chefs and master chocolatiers on the streets of the historic centre.

Visitors to Terni can even pay their respects to St Valentine, whose relics are preserved in the city’s basilica under the sign “St Valentine, patron of love”.

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