Children's Theatre

Teatro Mongiovino

4, 5, 11, 12 May. La Bambina Senza Nome for children aged three to seven: a young girl has lost her name in a boring city, until she meets Dadà, a man with a strange wagon, which contains something different, unusual and wonderful. Dadà helps the girl to find her name in a crocodile’s cave. 16.30.

Via Giovanni Genocchi 15, tel. 065139405,

Teatro S. Carlino

1-5 May. Raperonzolo: this live music puppet show is inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.

11-26 May. Pesciolino D’Oro: this musical puppet show, taken from the popular Russian fairy tale by Pushkin, tells of a poor and old couple of fishermen whose life is undermined by the intrusion of a magical golden fish.

1-2 June. Francesca da Rimini: Pulcinella, Don Asdrubale and Don Schiattamorton are abandoned on stage by four actors, who were supposed to perform this play. Unaware of the screenplay, they will become puppeteers and improvise the show, turning this tragedy into a comedy.

Viale dei Bambini (Villa Borghese), tel. 06 69922117,

Teatro Verde

2-9 May. La Bella Addormentata for kids aged three to ten.

10-17 May. Una Favola Piccola Piccola: this short story tells the tale of a little princess and her subjects who have to face an evil wizard. With the help of her friends and the children in the audience she shows how a big problem often has a simple solution.

Teatro Verde. Circonvalazione Gianicolense 10, tel. 065882034,

Teatro le Maschere

1-12 May. Un Marziano in Cucina: this play for children aged three to seven, tells the story of Fata Meringa, who is about to prepare some magic potions and tasty recipes, when the radio announces the sighting of a child from Mars, who is suspected of hiding in a kitchen. Fata Meringa will introduce children and their world to the little intruder, who will eventually tell of his planet. Via Aurelio Saliceti 1/3, tel. 0658330817,