Carnival in Rome for Children


27 Jan-12 Feb. For Carnival, this piece for kids aged 3-10 pays homage to Harlequin and Columbine. This hilarious comedy tells of Mangiafuoco, who carries his theatre around the village squares. Everything seems normal, but in reality the roles are inverted: the puppeteer is a puppet and the puppets are real actors. Sun 16.00, 18.00. Via Aurelio Salicetti 1, Rome, tel. 06 58330817.


4-12 Feb. This library organises several Carnival events for children. On 4 Feb at 16.45 kids aged three and older learn how to prepare, knead and fry some typical Italian Carnival sweets, including castagnole (chestnut biscuits). € 13. On 9 Feb at 16.30 masked children aged four and older will take part to a unique Carnival party, made of animated lectures and many other entertaining activities. On 12 Feb at 17.00 masked children aged two and older will participate to the series of lectures, entitled Young Masked Readers Grow. Ponte Ponente, Via Mondovì 19-21-23, tel. 06 45426682.


26 Jan-24 Feb. This puppet theatre stages an original re-adaption of the traditional Peter Pan fairy tale for children of all ages. Many years have passed and Peter Pan is not a child any longer, He has grown and has left the small island of Neverland. The new Peter is very busy between his home and work and has forgotten all the dreams and passions he cultivated as a child. Many daily problems crowd his mind and cloud his imagination. Luckily there are some friends like Wendy, who have grown up, leaving untouched their enthusiasm and the main characteristics of their childhood. 9-12 Feb. It hosts a Carnival party, where children will be able to wear their most original masks and costumes. A fun crew will entertain the participants with games and dances. This year’s guest of honour is the clown Gustavo Augusto, who will perform his show entitled Autostop. Sat 16.30, Sun 11.00, 16.30, Tue 18.30. Teatro S. Carlino. Viale dei Bambini, Terrazzo del Pincio, Villa Borghese.


The Magic of Children

10, 17, 24 Feb, 3 Mar. This show, entitled The Magic
of Children, involves young spectators in a fascinating journey at the
discovery of the world of magic. Every Sunday morning there is a new show, in
which children will be able to dream with open eyes.

Booking required at


Via Alba 49, tel. 0683088405.


10 Feb. Bimbilandia organizes in collaboration with
Mac Donald’s of Corso Francia this Carnival party. The clown Ronald will
entertain the masked children with some of his funny sketches and games. Mac
Donald will provide small participants with food and gadgets,


Ice Park Village. Viale Tor di Quinto 57, tel. 06-98260443


7-12 Feb. The Children’s
Museum of Rome celebrates Carnival with four days of funny and exuberant
disguises. Masked children can take part in Paper
, a manual workshop in which they create the popular, impertinent
and crazy character of Pulcinella with paper, scissors, wood and glue. Little
ones can play with Play-Doh and face paints.

On 9 Feb at 16.00 in the
series Talking Books Francesca
Ronchetti will hold lecture at Explora’s Bookstore for children aged six and
older. This event focuses on the lives of the Impressionists, such as Monet,
Manet, Sisley, Renoir, Pissarro, Cezanne and Degas. This artistic movement will
be explained to the small participants, who are particularly attracted by its
lively colours. Booking required.

Thurs, Tue 15.00, 17.00,
Sat, Sun 10.00, 12.00, 15.00, 17.00.

Via Flaminia 86, tel. 06


10 Feb. Rome’s zoo,
better known as Bioparco, has a rich calendar of free initiatives for little
ones and their families, such as face painting to transform children into their
favourite animals. Children also take part in Animals’ Carnival, with stories of animals specially adapted for
Carnival, at 11.30 and 15.00 in the Elephants’ Room.  At 14.30 there will be a special lottery for
an annual subscription to Bioparco, as well other prizes.

Piazzale del Giardino
Zoologico 1, tel. 063608211.


9-10 Feb. This historic
square hosts the State Forestry Corps to entertain children on horseback. A
group of Roman gladiators will also perform various street shows and dances. 



9-10 Feb. On stage is Stories of Dragons for children of all
ages and their families. A professor, expert in dragons, is invited to hold a
lecture on these old creatures. While he is explaining where they used to live
and what they ate, the lesson is interrupted by a noisy and colourful Carnival
party with masks, jugglers and acrobats...

16.30. Via G. Genocchi 15, tel.,


9, 16, 23 Feb. The Pantegano theatrical company stages
A Masked World: little ones are
involved in an afternoon of laughs and jokes on a journey to discover the famous
masks of La Commedia dell’ Arte.

17.30. Via Benevento 23, tel. 0644236382.


9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24 Feb. The Hunchbacked of Notre Dame, readapted by the Youth Company of
Teatro Vascello for a public aged 3 to 99. This story, inspired by the novel by
Victor Hugo, starts with the crying of a child, a small crippled creature
called Quasimodo. The destiny of the future bell ringer of the Cathedral intertwines
with that of the beautiful gipsy Esmeralda. This show plays on the feelings of
the audience with special effects, great choreographies and music.

Sat 17.00, Sun 15.00. Via Carini 78, tel. 065881021.

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Carnival in Rome for Children

At various venues around town.

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