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Since 2008 SwimKids have been giving successful Dutch swimming lessons at international locations. We offer lessons in Ibiza, Rome, Barcelona and the Côte d’Azur. SwimKids is currently in the process of expanding their portfolio of European locations. We offer a package of ten swimming lessons of 45 minutes for € 300,- this includes the swimming pool entrance fee. Once the ten lessons have been completed; each child who has achieved the requirements of the respective A, B and C diploma, will receive an official Zwem-ABC diploma and a SwimKids medal. Children who have completed Swimtots, Elementary or Junior levels will receive a SwimKids certificate of participation and a SwimKids medal. If you are interested in your child having swimming lessons in Rome, please register via

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Price info 300 euro
Address Via dei Due Ponti 48/a • 00191 Roma

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Bilingual swimming fast-track course

Via dei Due Ponti 48/a • 00191 Roma

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