Best DJs in Rome this weekend

After dark and rainy days, spring is finally here, so warmer and brighter days are -hopefully- about to come. With these optimistic expectations, you also can get certainties of good music and cool parties.


From USA with techno, Robert Hood will be the super host of Goa’s ‘Resistance is Techno’ night. He’s one of the best exponents of Detroit techno, creating with Jeff Mills ‘Underground Resistance’ record label in the early ‘90s; his style is minimal, hypnotic and essential.

Lanificio159 announced UK DJ Space Dimension Controller, but, since bad weather, he couldn’t be in Rome tonight so L-Ektrica night resident DJs Esu Bros will entertain you with their house-techno music.

Sis will be at Rashomon Club. German born but with Turkish origins, he formed his music style in Germany and, as you might imagine, it wasn’t a bad idea! He collaborated with great DJs like Villalobos and he founded his own record label (Cocolino Records).

Finally, for Friday, Cinema Augustus ‘Blackout Edition’ presents Italian duo London FM (resident Djs of Goa’s Nozoo night), event as usual organized by Tramp crew.


After being introduced by his brother Fritz last week at Goa, Paul Kalkbrenner will be the superstar on Saturday (at Palalottomatica)! This event is sold out but you might just get lucky and find tickets. He recieved his consecration thanks to the Berlin Calling movie soundtrack a couple of years ago, now he’s performing dj-sets all around the world for his ‘Guten Tag’ tour.

If you didn’t find any tickets but you wanna stay in Germany (specifically at Barghain), go to Rashomon Club to listen Tobias DJ-set.

Nozoo night at Goa presents (again from Germany) Nick Curly (supported by Italian Lele Sacchi); he will entertain your ears and bodies with his house-techno. Founder of Cècille Records, he already performed in many important festivals all around the world (like for example BPM), collaborating as well with different styles dance music artists (from the American school of Dennis Ferrer to the Chilean school of Luciano).

Changing style and shifting to drum’n’bass, Dutch trio Noisia will perform at Brancaleone. Their remixes and DJ-sets are very involving, that’s why they already played in huge festivals like Coachella or cooperated with artists like Deadmau5, Skrillex, Amon Tobin or Pendulum.

Forget the umbrella and pop music, enjoy the sun and techno (at least for a weekend). 

by Gaetano Luca Panetta (

PS: For all events check if presale tickets are needed.

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