Ballet Preljocaj in Reggio Emilia

9 Feb. 

In Ce que j’appelle l’oubli, choreography by Angelin Preljocaj. Preljocaj’s latest work is drawn from a book of the same name by Laurent Mauvignier. It is a fictionalised account of a real event, which took place in Lyon: a young man was beaten to death by security guards after his arrest for drinking a can of beer in a supermarket.

The work is a grim re-enactment of the text, with an impassioned delivery by Laurent Cazanave. Preljocaj is not entirely literal in his depiction of the narrative, but he isn’t far off. Throughout the 90 minutes of the work, the pace remains relentlessly slow, and the movement remains a muted accessory to the text.

Teatro Valli, tel. 0522458811,