American Academy in Rome

30 Jan. Cinque mostre: the American Academy in Rome presents five shows by current Rome Prize Fellows. The exhibitions are entitled The Idea of Realism/L'idea del realismo, Dinner Conversation, Nine Parts of Two, ScalaCupola and Camera Obscura. The installations take place in AAR Gallery and throughout the main building. After the inauguration the exhibition will be open by appointment until 27 Feb. For info contact

21 Feb-1 March. A series of lectures under the banner Africa under Rome. Relationships, Identities and Cultural Trajectories by David Mattingly who offers new interpretations on the interactions between the Roman Empire and the indigenous peoples of North Africa.

21 Feb. Cultural Encounters in 1st Millennium BC Africa: Romans, Liby-Phoenicians and Libyans (18.00) at Villa Aurelia

23 Feb. Romanisation and Discrepant Identity: a visit to the exhibition “Roma Caput Mundi” and discussion (from 09.00)

25 Feb. Pacifying, Protecting, Policing, Posturing? The Military Community in Roman Africa (18.00)

27 Feb. A World of Difference: Rural Communities in Africa under Rome (18.00)

1 March. Africa in the Roman Empire: Urban Identities and Urban Trajectories (18.00).

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