Achilles: How is a Legend Made?

The Rome-based Independent English Theatre (IES) performs the world premiere of "Achilles – How is a Legend Made?" on 1, 3 and 5 July as part of the Roma Fringe Festival in the city's S. Lorenzo district.

The English and Greek language mise-en-espace unites some of literature’s finest international authors from Homer to Kavafis to recount Achilles’ epic tale of life, love and loss.

The production combines song, chant, music, poetry and traditional Greek lamentations, as well as integrating languages, cultures and emotions.

The IES performances take place at 23.30 on Monday 1 July; 22.00 on Wednesday 3 July; and 20.30 on Friday 5 July. Tickets €5, box office opens 20 minutes before show starts. To reserve tickets email or text 349 6703331.

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