4-5-Dec 2004. A classic of world cinema that lasts 5 and a half hours - Abel Gances 1927 masterpiece Napolon. The showing of the film celebrates Napoleon's self-coronation as Emperor on 2 December 1804. To conduct the music for this silent epic Carl Davis is returning to the London Philharmonic Orchestra, at home at the Royal Festival Hall for two screenings of Napolon. Davis will be conducting his own score.

The film was revolutionary in terms of cinematography as the director often strapped the camera to horses or on pulleys above the battle scenes. He also used the double and triple split screen to tell the tale of Bonapartes early years leading up to the Italian campaign of 1797.

In 2000 the British Film Institute created a new version of the film with additional footage while trying to remain faithful to Gances original. Carl Davis's score includes music by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, and uses Corsican and revolutionary songs as well.

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Address Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London

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Abel Gance's Napoleon

Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London